Keep Your Friends Close and Your W-2s Closer, Beware of Tax Identity Theft

If Melissa McCarthy was behind every identity theft, it might not be so terrifying. Unfortunately, that is likely not the case (although, it has not been confirmed).

melissa-mccarthyIdentity thieves are getting more sophisticated by the day. They used to steal your credit card number to buy a video game and grab a slice at the food court, but now they’re stealing identities to file tax returns and collect refunds.

The IRS has certainly improved its defense against phony refund requests—last year, as of March 5, 2016, the IRS identified 42,148 fraudulent tax returns involving identity theft, and identified 20,224 prisoner tax returns for screening, with $227 million claimed in fraudulent funds.[1] But these are simply the cases the agency is aware of, and there are likely many more. The IRS continues to expand its efforts to detect tax refund fraud.

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Data Security with Eyes on the Future – Rochester Radio

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On Saturday, December 13th at 11:00 am, DIGITS LLC‘s President and CEO, Michael McCartney will be taking part in a LIVE radio show discussing the impact a data security breach can have on your business.

This radio interview will feature Paul Greene, Partner at Harter Secrest & Emery, the largest law firm in Rochester, NY and ranked #1 among all Western New York law firms according to the U.S. News and Best Lawyers national rankings.

Michael McCartney is President and CEO of DIGITS LLC, whose core business is designed to help companies take full advantage of today’s information technologies, guarding against the ever-changing threats posed by those very technologies.

Tune into WHAM 1180 at 10:00 to catch the complete Eyes on the Future radio show.

Eyes on the Future is sponsored by Harter Secrest & Emery; Eastman Business Park; CDS Monarch; Greater Rochester Enterprise; and Mengel Metzger Barr.