Mobile Forensics

DIGITS LLC Mobile Forensics Over the last several years, the world of mobile forensics has seen a rapid evolution. The way in which the mobile devices has evolved has also increased the amount of evidence forensic examiners can retrieve from devices such as cellphones, tablets and portable GPS units. Mobile devices and their operating systems are changing every day so this evolution is far from over. As mobile devices get smaller it seems they are becoming more complex. Most smartphones and tablet devices can now perform the same functions as a laptop or desktop computer and in many cases they outperform their larger counterparts in both functionality and speed!

Our cellphones are very personal to us. We keep them close and use them often. We take family pictures, store our appointments and communicate with those dear to us; however this personal nature is no different for those who would use the devices for nefarious purposes.  Forensic examiners can capitalize on this feeling of safety and extrapolate additional data which may not be found on other devices such as a laptop or desktop computer.

mobile-phonesClients should not overlook company owned mobile devices when considering DIGITS to conduct a digital forensic investigation. These devices can contain a wealth of evidence involving proprietary company information, inappropriate activity and much more. A company’s future may literally be in someone’s pocket.

Deleted data on mobile devices is not a problem for DIGITS. Our forensic techniques allow us to delve into areas of the phone that typical users cannot access to find deleted data which may be absolutely critical to an investigation.

All is not lost if our client has a mobile device that is missing. With certain mobile devices, forensic examiners may not even need the device to conduct their investigation. For example, Apple and BlackBerry devices often back their data up onto an individual’s computer giving examiners the opportunity to see vital evidence such as text messages, media files, contacts and more from the back up files on laptops, desktops or the cloud.

Companies who utilize mobile devices need to think about the potential risk these devices could pose. If you, or your company has a mobile device which requires high-tech forensic examination, don’t wait a moment longer, call DIGITS today.

By: Christopher Nowak, Forensic Specialist


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