2013 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Finalists

BNBEA-2013-finalistWe are so very proud to announce that we have been nominated and elected as finalists for the 2013 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Award!

After our nomination, we spent a few months putting together our application which was placed into a 1″ binder! Our application included details and reasoning of why DIGITS LLC deserves to to be recognized for business ethics.

At DIGITS LLC, our digital forensic investigators provide high end digital forensic investigations and consulting services to corporations with highly regulated information.  At DIGITS LLC, everything we do centers around credibility, confidentiality, integrity and unimpeachable business ethics. Most, if not all of these clients call upon DIGITS LLC when they are involved in very serious litigation matters or have experienced a breach, data compromise, embarrassing theft of intellectual property by an employee or a compliance or regulatory inquiry by their regulatory authority.  As such, they need to be comfortable in the fact that they can trust their expert vendor with their most sensitive information.  They also must trust in the fact that no matter what the electronically stored information and evidence reveals they will get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!  Their key business decisions rely on knowing the facts and uncovering the truth so that they can properly evaluate their situation and take the most appropriate action.  At DIGITS LLC, we fill that need for our clients.



Comments/Questions for DIGITS LLC?

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