Case Study: Digital Forensic Investigation on Corporate Espionage

It took a lot of hard work to build you company, equipping it with the latest technology and hand picking your staff.  You would do anything to make revenues grow and profits to increase. And almost anything to to protect it.  It may come to you as a surprise, but possibly the greatest threat does not come from outside your company, but from inside your company.  With all of the technology available and the number of employees, it is possible to be vulnerable to attack from within.

Think for a minute, has this happened to you? Maybe you discover that an idea of your is suddenly being promoted by your competitor.  The details indicate that it came from within your company- How do you find out, with Computer Forensics! DIGITS LLC has investigated several high profile corporate espionage investigation cases.

A typical senerio: A company has a specific product or proprietary service offered in a marketplace.  You begin to look for private equity investment to take your product or service to the next level.  During the course of those negotiations and investment strategy, you take on a new employee who has been recommended by the investment firm.  The employee is sworn to them. But as a part of the deal, the employee comes with the package.

That employee turns out to be a mole, or co-conspirator, and is particularly planted into that organization for the purposes of gathering inside information, intelligence, and ultimately the inside information that relates to the products propitiatory process.

These are cases that DIGITS LLC can lend a tremendous amount of value to. We can forensically analyze the laptops, the desktops, the smartphones, as well as the out of band email communications that are taking place between the employee and the outside entities to determine what is really going on.  In Computer Forensics, we can dig deep and find out what your employees are doing.  We can also conduct high level investigations if you have been violated, or think you have been.

Your I.T. person might be the first person to notice that something suspicious has happened.  When they inform you, your first inclination will be to have the I.T. person investigate the problem- this could be the worst possible thing you could do. I.T. professionals are not forensic experts.  They do not use the same tools or have the same certifications that forensic experts hold.  I.T. treats data as data. At DIGITS LLC we treat data as evidence.  If the I.T. professional goes into the electronic devise and damages the evidence, it will be difficult to prove in a court of law, because things change.

When DIGITS LLC completes an investigation, you will have a report that is a thorough and complete depiction, in which your legal team can proceed.  If a problem is detected, DIGITS LLC can get to the bottom of it.  We can stand as an expert witness in the case of litigation.  We can advise your company on proactive prevention and compliance with policies and procedures.

If you find yourself involved with litigation, a regulator compliance matter, give DIGITS LLC a call.  We have assisted clients negate these matters and consulted them with the proper evidence collection, preservation, examination, and production of this information that is relevant specifically to their case.  We can help solve your problem.  DIGITS LLC has done it with over 115 years of law enforcement, decades of experience with digital forensics and advanced technology investigations.  We have been on some of the largest high profile investigations in the country and we can do it for you.  Not only can we help you solve an immediate problem as a reactive approach, but we can also assist you proactively manage and mitigate your risk moving forward so that you can identify issues and deal with those issues before they become a problem.

For additional information, visit our website or call us at 877-216-2511.

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