Michael McCartney: Guest Speaker at The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics Conference

Michael McCartney, President/CEO of DIGITS LLC, will be a guest speaker at The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) Higher Education Compliance Conference. Micahel McCartney will be presenting on Computer Forensics 101– Proactive Compliance.

This Session focuses on the fundamentals of computer forensics analysis:

What the computer forensic expert looks for behind the scenes, identification of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and how computer forensics is used in every pro-active ethics and compliance program as well as in regulatory inquires. You will learn the terminology used by computer forensics experts, and what you can expect to gather from computers and smart phones whose contents become evidence in your cases.

This conference will be help in Austin, Texas from June 2nd to June 6th.

“Come to Austin, Texas, for the primary networking event for compliance and ethics professionals within higher education. Don’t miss the opportunity to gather with your peers and discuss emerging issues, share best practices, and build valuable relationships.”

Join us in June to hear the following hot topics!  
Program Integrity: Juggling and Jeopardy
Maximum Efficiency on a Shoestring Budget
Making the Most of What You Have
Engaging the University Community in ERM  
How to Handle Whistleblower Complaints in Higher Education
What Happens after the Whistle Blows
Compliance & Ethics Programming for Small Campuses: Leveraging
Resources through Effective Communication across Risk Disciplines

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics is a non-profit, member based organization for compliance professionals.  The Higher Education Compliance Conference serves to provide an opportunity for those in compliance to gather with peers for the purpose of discussing emerging issues, sharing best practices, and building valuable relationships.

For additional information email kelly.merz@digitsllc.com

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