DIGITS LLC | Digital Forensics Video Case Studies

Experts at DIGITS LLC use digital forensics to obtain evidence when litigation occurs.  It is important to ensure that the electronic evidence is not disturbed by an in-house IT department or other resource before the data is collected and the devise is wiped clean of any information.  Once the data is collected, DIGITS LLC’s computer forensic experts will preserve then process the data.  Digital forensics can be used proactively to mitigate and manage digital processes occurring when laptops, desktops and cell phones are distributed for business purposes.

DIGITS LLC have put together video segments explaining just a segment of the digital forensic services we provide through different case studies.  Click on each of the links below to see how computer forensics can help you!

Digital Forensic Video Case Studies:

Digital Forensics to Solve Sexual Harassment Cases
Digital Forensics to Solve Corporate Espionage Lawsuits
Digital Forensics to Solve Theft of Intellectual Property Cases
Digital Forensics to Solve Workers Compensation Lawsuits
Digital Forensics to Recover Deleted Data
Digital Forensics to Solve Cases Regarding Removal of External Storage

For any additional information about Digital Forensics or the services that DIGITS LLC provides, please email info@digitsllc.com

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