BNBEA Finalist!

Just announced, DIGITS LLC and CEO Michael McCartney have qualified as a finalist for the 2012 Buffalo Niagara Business Ethics Association (BNBEA) Crystal Award! We are very honored to have made it to the finals for this prestigious award!

DIGITS LLC is one of three finalists in the Small Business category. BNBEA seeks nominations from the general community for companies with under 50 employees, 50-150 employees and over 150 employees.  As part of our nomination, we had to complete a very detailed application process, in a one inch binder, of why we believe DIGITS LLC deserves this award.

Completed applications are then reviewed by Canisius College MBA students, who recommend 3 finalists in each category. A judging panel comprised of community leaders reviews the application packages and selects one finalist from each category as the crystal award winner.

This is where we stand today!  DIGITS LLC has been recommended as a finalist in our category! Next step is the awards ceremony on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

Comments/Questions for DIGITS LLC?

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