DIGITS LLC all over the News!!

DIGITS LLC has been featured on WIVB and multiple times in the Buffalo Business First and the Buffalo Law Journal  publications multiple times this past week.  Watch the WIVB video below and read the news articles first hand!

WIVB’s Joe Arena interviewed DIGITS LLC’s CEO Michael McCartney and Kyle Cavalieri, Manager of Computer Forensics and Investigations, on the subject of “Keeping prying eyes from seeing your info”, security and safety while connecting to public WiFi Internet connections.  This interview aired on Tuesday, February 28th on WIVB’s morning Wake Up! Watch this video: “Keeping prying eyes from seeing your info”

Buffalo Business First featured a story on Wednesday, February 22nd titled “Forensic Accounting can uncover fraud.”  Michael McCartney explains how computer forensics firm DIGITS LLC works actively with Tronconi Segarra & Associates accounting firm to help uncover and provide evidence of fraud.  Read this story: “Forensic Accounting can uncover fraud”

Buffalo Business First published “Catching Data Crooks” on Friday, February 14th and Buffalo Law journal published “Computer Forensics Changing The Game” on Monday, February 27th.  Both covered a story about DIGITS LLC and Tronconi Segarra & Associates  working together to solve ongoing illegal behavior.  Read these stories: “Catching Data Crooks” , “Computer Forensics Changing The Game”

Fore more information about DIGITS LLC, visit www.digitsllc.com For additional news and press, visit http://www.digitsllc.com/in-the-news

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