DIGITS LLC & Avalon Legal Technologies

Avalon and DIGITS LLC developed a Strategic Partnership, which affects the merger of their high-end technology service offerings across New York State. Avalon has unmatched capacity for large and complex litigation productions and E-Discovery processing, which complements the wide-ranging computer forensics, corporate investigations and network advisory services offered by DIGITS LLC.

This partnership combines Avalon’s statewide capacity for large and complex litigation productions with DIGITS’ unparalleled experience in computer forensics and complex corporate computer investigations gained from more than 115 years of combined federal and state law enforcement careers. The partnership allows both companies to enhance and support the services offered to their clients.

Avalon Legal Technology’s President, J.P. Midgley, is excited about this partnership stating, “The combined professionalism, court-recognized expertise, and qualifications of DIGITS LLC brings additional value to our clients in the corporate and legal industries. Our alliance with DIGITS LLC provides an additional enhancement to safeguard the data used to create these reports. DIGITS LLC experience in the law enforcement arena allows our clients to talk to the cops without going to the police.”

Michael McCartney, DIGITS LLC President & CEO, says, “We look forward to extending our court recognized expert personnel and computer forensic services to Avalon and the additional markets they serve. Combining the expertise of our two firms greatly enhances the service offerings and value to our collective clients and customers. DIGITS is a company focused on assisting businesses with the complex hurdles associated with obtaining digital information and electronically stored information (ESI) required for litigation and legal disputes. By associating with Avalon, DIGITS’ services are now available to a much wider audience.”

About Avalon – Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Syracuse, New York, Avalon employs more than 90 people in Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Utica. Avalon specializes in litigation copying and scanning, appellate publishing, and electronic discovery. With unmatched capacity for large and complex litigation productions, Avalon is the premier provider of litigation support services across New York State.

About DIGITS LLC – DIGITS was founded in 2006 to fill the need in the legal and corporate communities for highly skilled computer forensic and data recovery services, corporate computer investigations, litigation support services, network security advisory services, and general computer consulting services. DIGITS LLC’s officers have more than 115 years of combined federal and state law enforcement experience in Computer Forensics and advanced technology investigations.

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