Case Study: Data Recovery

Author: Bradley J. Bartram, Vice President of Information Technology & CTO

The Situation:

DIGITS received a call from a client about a server that crashed and some data was lost.  The client determined it was a hardware disk controller that stopped functioning and corrupted the file system on the RAID array.  The corruption happened between backup windows but immediately after a major number of orders had been taken.  The client needed to fulfill those orders as soon as possible with a minimum of inconvenience to their customers.

They called DIGITS to see if we could help.  And we did.

The Solution:

DIGITS experts were able to obtain the disks in the drive array that were affected by the corruption.  Using specialized hardware and software, the disks could be logically put back together in the proper format.  The consolidated drive was then forensically imaged to working media.  Using forensic data extraction techniques and some programs written for the task, the lost data was found intact on the forensic image.  DIGITS’ analysts were able to export the order data as well as several log files recorded immediately prior to the hardware failure.

With the extracted order data provided by DIGITS, the client was able to fulfill the customer orders without any significant delay and without having to contact their customers to repeat the orders.  Based on the additional information retrieved by DIGITS, the IT staff was able to trace the hardware failure to a failed driver update.

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