DIGITS Practitioners Certified by International Forensic Board

The principals and staff at DIGITS have all received certification and/or re-certification by the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialist (IACIS).  IACIS is an international volunteer non-profit corporation composed of law enforcement professionals dedicated to education in the field of forensic computer science. IACIS members represent Federal, State, Local and International Law Enforcement professionals.

IACIS prides itself on being the world’s leading organization for computer forensics practitioners. In addition computer  to providing the highest quality computer forensics training, IACIS strives to foster excellence in the field through a formal certification process. The Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CFCE) has become the de-facto standard in certifications world-wide.

Computer forensics is the acquisition, authentication, reconstruction, examination, and analysis of data stored on electronic media. IACIS training addresses each of these key tasks; and the certification process which includes mandatory periodic re-certification through proficiency testing, measures one’s ability to perform these key tasks in accordance with established standards.

One comment on “DIGITS Practitioners Certified by International Forensic Board

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