Importance of Third Party Forensic Imaging and Analysis

The founders and specialists at DIGITS examine the data as digital detectives rather than just IT experts. We are independent, objective, un-biased and conduct our review of the digital facts without prejudice while ensuring that the evidence meets admissibility standards in all courts of law.  We maintain proper chain of custody of the evidence and follow strict law enforcement evidence handling procedures.

While your IT staff is extremely qualified in managing digital information, special care must be taken to ensure that the files and data is not modified, altered or contaminated during the process of extraction and analysis.   A significant number of cases have been settled unfavorably due to good intended IT staff extracting important data and inadvertently modifying important files and metadata that resulted in sanctions under the new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Even if your in-house personnel had the necessary tools and training, they (i) will be viewed as lacking independence, (ii) will not have the legal-related experience, and (iii) may not be qualified to serve as an expert in computer forensic investigations in court.

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    I like this website because so much utile material on here : D.

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