DIGITS LLC Consulting Services

Qualified, Experienced, Tested

DIGITS LLC team of computer forensics, digital evidence, and information security experts is unparalleled in the industry. The co-founders hold Top Secret Security Clearances with the U.S. Government.  Drawing from an array of backgrounds in law enforcement, Academia and the private sector, DIGITS professionals hold certifications from the leading computer forensic associations and software providers.  DIGITS experts have provided services and instruction to corporations, federal, state and local law enforcement and governmental agencies around the world, including high level and top secret intelligence and investigative agencies.

The founders of DIGITS, Michael G. McCartney and James L. Domres, have successfully investigated some of the largest and most complex computer crime cases in the country and are recognized by their peers as leaders in the computer forensic and computer investigative fields.  DIGITS professionals are battle-tested, with extensive trial experience, testifying and qualifying as experts in all levels of the justice system.

Computer Forensics & Data Recovery – Through years of experience in high stakes computer forensics investigations, DIGITS experts know where to find critical electronic evidence, how to obtain it, how to recover it and how to analyze it using today’s most sophisticated technology and forensic software.

Corporate Computer Investigations – An incident can be in the form of an intrusion from the outside or from a disgruntled employee stealing your trade secrets inside your walls.  The problem facing management is how to determine where the data went, who is responsible and how to mitigate further risks and loss.  DIGITS experts can uncover who, how, when, where and why and can provide advice on how to mitigate further risk and loss.

Litigation Support – Litigation in today’s digital world can affect every aspect of business.  DIGITS can assist inside and outside counsel in all phases of litigation, from pre-filing preparation and case assessment, Electronic Discovery, responding to and preparing computer related interrogatories.  We will work with your client’s IT staff and technology vendors to meet the new Fed Rules, or reporting and regulatory requirements.

Network Security Advisory Services – Business interruption or a natural disaster that can effect production is a challenging proposition. Assessing your operations and technology environment and working with you to design and implement Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery policies and procedures that embrace technology while minimizing risks and safeguarding your enterprise’s assets.

For more information regarding DIGITS LLC Consulting Services, please send an e-mail to:  info@digitsllc.com or check out our website: www.DIGITSLLC.com

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